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February 23, 2013

I was a long time member of 1UP.com and that site is getting shut down.  I hadn’t used this page in years and there seem to be some changes, so I’ll be spending a little time learning it’s workings before a do a real post. For any of my 1UP friends, I’ll do my posts from here.  For now.  Please bookmark, add, follow, or whatever it’s call around here. 😀


Blog 1

July 25, 2009

I’ll try to make this quick, because I have some games to get to.

Since my last blog, I picked up a few games.  I got a used version of Gears of War 2 LE  for $30 at a GameStop.  Everything that was suppose to be in the package was there except the downloadable gold Lancer live code, which I knew wasn’t going to be.  I got Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, The King of Fighters XII, and my good friend gray_hair gave me his copy of Beyond Good & Evil (GC).

I’m still playing Devil Summoner.  I finally got to chapter 6.  I play BlazBlue and Gears 1 for a few minutes here & there.  But, I really want to write a little bit about The King of Fighters XII.


Well…, the stories are true. KoFXII is, for the most part, an online game. Offline, there isn’t much there. The main menu rolls down like this: Arcade, Versus, Practice, Replay, Online, Gallery, Marketplace, and Options. The menu is pretty self explanatory, except in arcade mode, which is actually Time Trial Mode. you pick 3 fighters for your team and you fight against 5 other teams randomly put together. And, that’s it. There are no boss battles. It’s sort of like Capcom vs SNK, but without the suped up versions of Akuma and Rugal hidden in. I really wish there was a single player mode (so I can play through the game with one character), but it’s not there.


The worst thing about KoFXII is that it’s over priced (by a lot). I’m sad to say it, but don’t pay $60 for this game. I like the game and it’s fun to play, but there isn’t enough there offline to pay $60. And if you’re not a fighting game fan, I’m not sure I’m comfortable telling you to pay $40 for it. If you absolutely love KoF & plan to play online, then get KoFXII, but if you can wait for a price drop, then by all means, do it. *sigh* Well, I least I have hope for the next game

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August 30, 2007

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