Jgusw is here.

I was a long time member of 1UP.com and that site is getting shut down.  I hadn’t used this page in years and there seem to be some changes, so I’ll be spending a little time learning it’s workings before a do a real post. For any of my 1UP friends, I’ll do my posts from here.  For now.  Please bookmark, add, follow, or whatever it’s call around here. 😀


2 Responses to “Jgusw is here.”

  1. Aaron B Says:

    Hey James. I’m bookmarking your page. Hope to see you around buddy. I’m over at Pixlbit and you have my email if you need to contact me.

    • jgusw Says:

      I’m still trying to to use to this place. Trying to figure it out is a pain. I can’t figure out how to follow blogs around here. I hit the “follow” button and nothing happens. 😀

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